142/145 Leslie Speaker

This is a 145/142 type Leslie Speaker and can be set up as either. The 142/145 Lelsie's are a short version of the 122/147 type Lelsie's. We can provide this Speaker with a 122 amp making it a 142 or a 147 amp making it a 145. The buyer gets to choose. The cabinet is very solid and I would rate the finish at 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. This speaker has seen some road use. It has a reconed 15" Jensen P15LL and a Jensen V21 Driver. The Center and lower backs were missing so we made new ones for it. The amp has a set of Tung-Sol 6550's in it and they have been tested and meet minimum new spec's. The motors are original and both of them run nice and quiet. If you have any Questions feel free to contact me at sky@skyrockers.com

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